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    I keep deleting a page because every time I post it, it has my default tag and I don’t want that. The FAQ says pages are uncategorized but I don’t know if that is just the default tag.

    do I have to reset my default tag to uncategorized and THEN post the page? this is a pain


    technically pages don’t have tags. any entry without a tag is assumed to have the default tag.

    some themes show tags on pages, and some don’t. you don’t need to keep deleting the page, it’s not going to help.

    you can switch to a different theme that doesn’t show tags on pages, and send in feedback about the theme when support reopens.

    i think engtech may have covered which themes are affected by this in his theme review series:



    You may want to submit a feedback from your dashboard and point out which theme has categories on Pages. I’d call that a bug since staff has stated that Pages shouldn’t have categories.

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