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    Hello guys!

    I’m awfully new to this whole wordpress (websites in general at a matter of fact) and although ive been googeling this, and read some other stuff on this website about the same question, i just can’t seem to wrap my head around it. So i’m going to ask it again. Apologies in advance.

    I would like to change the header of my page for all the different pages. I read some stuff about .php and i dont really know what that means.

    Basically, to explain it in the simplest way, I would like this banner:

    on this page:
    (instead of the shoe, not where it is now, that was me trying out a code)

    Anyone got any ideas?

    The blog I need help with is


    Most stuff you find on the internet applies to self-hosted wordpress blogs, not to blogs here at wordpress.COM. Here we do not have access to the underlying theme files.

    To have upload the image here at wordpress.COM into your media library, then you open the page in the page editor and from the “featured image” module you select the header image you want on that page and then click the update button.


    Can I add to this question? I’ve followed those directions for my blog, but the image doesn’t appear in the header. It shows up in the post. How do I make it work?



    @marlenedotterer: Please give us an example of a page/post where you set up a featured image. In other words, we need the URL of the page/post in question.


    Yes, I’m sorry.

    As you can see, the image is in the post, but I used the “Featured Image” button.



    1. The image has to be the same size as the header image.

    2. Did you insert the image into the post?


    The process:

    1. The featured image must be the same size as the header image (940px x 198px).

    2. Open the post or page you want the image to be the header in. Upload the header image but do NOT insert it into the post and instead click the “set as featured image” in the image upload window and then close the image upload window (little “X” at top right of the insert image window.

    3. Finish the post, or if the post is finished at that point, publish it and the image will appear in the header for that particular post or page, whichever the case may be.

    Take a look at header 1, 2 and 3 posts on my test blog.


    Marlene’s image is this:
    So, to clarify step 2: you must upload the image from your computer to your blog; you can’t use the URL of an image hosted elsewhere.


    @panos, thank for clarifying that.


    Thank you all. Resizing and uploading from my computer seemed to be the key. All better now!


    You are welcome from me.

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