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Page hijacking by keyword?

  1. I noticed a new "incoming link" to my site this morning, and when I followed it, it took me to the results of a Google search page. The URL in Google's listing for my post led not to my blog, but to this page: After paging "previous" a few times I found part of the first paragraph of my post here:

    It appears this website is set up to search WordPress for the keyword "soul" and hijack anything it finds. Talk about 'soul stealing' eh?

    Comments? Suggestions?

  2. This forum post looks familiar!


  3. Thanks! I'll pop on over there.

  4. Because they snippet, rather than take the entire content, it looks strangely like a social bookmarking site. YET they are plastered with ads, which looks so spammy. It's definitely searching keywords and putting up "Soul". If they were to grab a paragraph of mine, I'd be tempted to leave it (their users seem to love it, to judge from the comments) but that is entirely your call.

  5. I just discovered several of my posts copied *entirely*, with no mention of my name as author, by this site:

    It's just so frustrating to work, and then have someone steal it and slap their name on it :(

  6. has been reported multiple times to Google. Go to that site, click on the link at the bottom of the google ads and report it, identifying yourself as the copyright owner. We've got to shut that scraper down: he posted in the forums repeatedly that he was going to steal our content, hide it when we complained, then re-post it when we weren't paying attention. Please do click through and report him to google. It shouldn't take too many more reports to get his Adsense account suspended, and that's all he's in it for.

  7. Just reported him to Google.

    He stole this post...

    Only reason I know is that I saw the track back in spam.

  8. Excellent. I've reported him three times for stealing from different blogs of mine. Let's see how many it takes to get Google to suspend his Adsense account. If they never do, sounds like something we should send to

  9. You can replace your own content with something imappropriate and ideally offensive temporarily. A gross graphic is good. It sure discourages scrapers. :)

  10. Believe me, this creep has no taste threshold. None.

  11. Hey!!! I kinda liked that post that he swiped!!

    Of course, if he had taken this post:

    Then I'd understand your comment :p

  12. just went there today and got a wordpress error! Maybe it's gone!

    "This either means that the username and password information in your wp-config.php file is incorrect or we can't contact the database server at localhost. This could mean your host's database server is down."

  13. Nope. Looks like he's just uploading all the material he stole and took down earlier. Please continue to report him to Google. Once his Adsense account is suspended, he'll stop stealing because he'll stop blogging.

  14. Yes he's stolen MULTIPLE posts of mine (at least ten)--same story here--I told him to remove my posts, he did...and then demanded I include him on my blogroll. When I refused, he proceeded to steal my posts again.

    I asked wordpress for support but they say they can't do anything about it--so I'm glad that I can report him to google.

  15. Surely with the number of reports they must be getting he can't be long for this world. I miss Dr Mike, who could eyeball a page and tell you who was hosting it, and an email to the host generally got the blog deleted.

  16. Hello,
    Does this happen much with blogs? I am fairly new to blogging, ok this is the first time I have signed up for blog, and would like to know what to look out for. Any help would be appreciated.


  17. It happens a LOT. Once you get more than 100 hits per day it is pretty much guaranteed to happen to you. Usually they give up faster than the guy running that site, though. I can only hope his entire self-worth is tied up in it and Google not only pulls his account but sues him and then he [deleted in advance because I'm sure wouldn't want me advocating self-harming, even for sploggers].

  18. The same just happened to me. By chance, I happened to google one of my recent posts, and was taken to a different site than mine, I found they stole two of my posts Target Addict, and The Seven Sins, without any acknowledgement whatsoever. There is no way to contact them or leave comments. I tried to contact and am asked to log in WordPress id? I sent mail to [email redacted]. I also alerted the Google AdSense folks. I contacted our very own WordPress support staff, and asked for help from Technorati support as well. Also, I try to track back their ID, and found an address in Amsterdam, DAIS, with no email addres. Anything else I should be doing?

    Just when I thought things were going so well with my blog . . .

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