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Page ID -- What is it???

  1. In the "Pages" widget, it enables me to exclude that widget from certain pages, and asks for "page ID". What is "page ID", and how do I find it?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. rbolten ,

    Is this your blog?
    A small tip: include a link starting with http:// when you post in the forums so volunteers can take a look at or blog—you'll get better and faster answers.

    If so, the "page ID" is not so easy to find. Dashboard-> pages-> edit -> hover over the title of the page you want to know the "page ID" of. On the bottom of firefox or safari you'll see the link of that item (sorry, I don't know explorer or other browser, nor do I know the name of what that bar is called???) It starts with http etc and ends with a number. That's it: page ID.

    The other way to hide pages is to make some of them "Child Pages."

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