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    I’d like to have a page in my blog where I could write a little introduction and just after it, to show all the posts I’ve written under a Category, and that it will be showing automaticaly all posts I will write under that category in the future. I think this is not possible right now with a blog hosted at You just can create a menu item that shows all the posts of a certain Category, but I will like to enrich that with some extra text and some images either. If there is no way right now to do that, maybe should be considered as a future functuionality.

    The blog I need help with is


    I agree that the functionality to add the extra “intro” text in category pages would be a cool feature on all themes. However, I have read that some themes do make use of the category description to do just that. Will poke around and see if I can find a reference, but at least we have a lead on how to do it.

    I had thought that a category specific “sticky” post would be a nice thing to incorporate to accomplish what you are describing.


    This post seems to describe how to do what you want using CSS:


    Ah, here is the source I was remembering about the category descriptions and the themes that use them:

    The author of this site offers answers on the forum frequently and the site is PACKED with super information.



    Thank you very much, but this is not working for the theme I use. Otherwise what I’m looking for is a little bit more complex than that and I have finally assumed that is not actually way of doing it in hosted blogs. It’s only possible on self hosted ones.
    I still think that should be an available functionality to create a page where to display all posts written under a category with some intro text or/and images.

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