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    Ok, so I’m a total code idiot. I went to the FAQ on page jumps and I’m not really sure what it should look like in HTML. I’ve tried cutting and pasting it in tons of different ways, but whenever I click on the page jump it says:

    “Looks like you have a problem here sir/madam. You sure you have the right place? Maybe you got a little lost? Maybe you’re looking for something you’re not supposed to find? Either way, just go search for it, it can’t hurt.”

    What should it look like?


    PS, the page I’m trying to do this with is

    You can clearly see the topics at the top bulleted and then the topics expanded below.



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    Try this:

    <a name="list"></a>List
    <a href="#a">First item</a>.
    For more items in the list use b,c,d etc. You can name them what you like, but use the # and " symbols and don't forget to close tags with </a>
    <a name="a"></a>Write about first item
    <a href="#list">Return to the list!</a>


    Ok, so the first line is by the thing I want to jump from and it would look like this:


    And the second line is the thing I want to jump to? Would it look like this:

    First item.

    Is that correct?

    Sorry, total code idiot


    haha, did the code and posted the link in the reply…hmm…what to do, looks like I didn’t do it right anyway. Could you maybe show me the code w/the actual text in there? That way I know which parts to sub for a,b,c, etc


    PS, here are two examples of what I need to jump:


    -jump to-
    Effleurage Massage


    -jump to-
    Kneading Massage




    here is a help article on page jump (foot note) -> How to make real footnotes

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