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Page jump anchors disappear

  1. technologyofcopyright

    I have been inserting anchors for page jumps on the page Because the visual editor does not support this, I have to add them by hand in HTML mode. But when I save and then view in visual mode, the anchors disappear! It may have to do with the fact that each anchor comes right after a

  2. (list item) in a bullet list, but I'm not sure. Any idea what's wrong?

    Thanks in advance for any help!

  3. The blog I need help with is

  • panaghiotisadam

    If the anchors disappear, then you're simply typing invalid code.

    As an example, you've put (correctly):
    <a href="#opening">Opening Remarks</a>
    If you want that to link to "Opening Address by Bill Rosenblatt", the code must be:
    <a name="opening"></a>Opening Address by Bill Rosenblatt

    Totally irrelevant to that: your html includes lots of junk. For instance, several cases of this:
    <span style="font-weight:bold;"> </span>
    Or this:
    <img alt="" /><img alt="" />

  • technologyofcopyright

    Thanks, this worked. FYI, some of the "junk" tags are from MS Word where this document originated. It looks fine so I don't want to bother stripping them out.

  • panaghiotisadam

    You're welcome.

    Yes, I could guess this originated in Word or something similar. See here please:
    If you wish to format your posts outside the WP editor, try Windows Live Writer instead.

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