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    Hi all.

    I am using wordpress to create a webfolio for my education class. I have literally next to zero computer/code knowledge so keep that in mind if you choose to answer.

    My site has multiple pages. I want to link from one page to a specific section of another page i.e. not just to the top so the reader doesn’t have to scroll. This is similar to a page jump I think where you can move from one part of a page to another, and I read some forum topics detailing how to do that, but I cannot seem to get it to link to a section on an entirely different page. Suggestions? Please feel free to respond to me as if I’m a child, and have no idea what I’m doing, because that’s about right.

    Thanks much,


    First give us a link to your blog, please, so we can tell if you’re in the right forum.

    Second, tell us if you DO know how to create within-page anchor links and you only want to know about anchor links to different pages, or if you need the complete package.



    gotcha- here’s a link to my blog:

    Specifically I’m trying to link from the last (unfinished) section of the safety page to a section in the middle of the Critical task page entitled Build a Real Working Volcano.

    I appologize if I’m in the worng forum, like I said, new to this whole thing.

    I read the how-to sections on within page anchor links and think that I could accurately cut and paste from there filling in my own work. I down-played this angle because I don’t think I will ever need that specifically on my blog, but if intimate knowledge of that is necessary, I bet I need the “complete package.”

    Thanks again.



    Here you this should answer you question on
    creating a jump page,/ foot notes,/

    » How to make real footnotes


    @teck07: 1999kelleyf needs anchoring to a DIFFERENT page.

    @1999kelleyf: No you’re not in the wrong forum. We always ask for a link, first because we get a lot of questions from people who mistakenly come here while they have a wordpress.ORG blog, second because often we have to see the blog in order to find out what exactly a problem is.

    Now from your answer it’s not clear to me whether you have or you haven’t learned how to do ‘simple’, i.e. within-page anchors. Anyway, if the FAQ on that is confusing, try this post of mine, too:

    Continuing from those examples, if your target is in another page, then instead of:
    <a href="#AnchorName">VisibleTextLeadingToTarget</a>
    you write:
    <a href="URL_OF_PAGE_HERE#AnchorName">VisibleTextLeadingToTarget</a>


    (Note: in the html page editor, of course, not the visual.)



    YESSSS!!!! I’ve been working on that for hours!

    Thank you so much, panaghiotisadam. You have been very helpful.

    Thanks again,

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