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Page jumps don't work anymore (for me)

  1. I've used for some time now the page jumps, i.e.
    <a></a><br /> <a href="http://blogaddress/date/post-name/#ref">click to jump</a>
    In this particular post I'm using this command within a page created with nextpage, i.e. <!--nextpage-->
    ...and in the index in the first page.
    Just to be sure, I'll say there's no div code put this way:
    <div><br /> <!--nextpage--><br /> </div>
    I don't remember what, but I do remember it did something bad, like loosing the layout in the second page, something like this. From that time on I close div before the nextpage code and I reopen a new div after:
    <div>text</div><br /> <!--nextpage--><br /> <div>text of 2nd page</div>

    I've already done this and there was no problem at all, but now I've noticed that if I go from html editor to visual editor the code gets stripped away (it usually appeared a little anchor in a dashed square), and I find just
    %nbsp<br /> or<br /> <a>something</a>
    ...where the second string appears if the code initially was
    <a>something</a><br /> instead of<br /> <a></a>

    The thing is, if I don't go back to visual editor and update my post (it's awaiting publication, it's not a draft), then I click "see the post", jumps work! But I can't be sure they'll work after publication...

    Can't somebody help me and tell me if I'm doing something wrong?


    Also... the code
    never worked with me, it was alway modified to
    So your support page should probably be updated.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. new problem, here: "code" doesn't work well in support forums...
    where "something" is underlined it was
    éa name="ref"è something é/aè
    where "something" is not underlined (last piece of code) it was
    somethingéa name="ref"èé/aé
    ...and I'm using é like "less than" and è like "more than"

  3. Actually no, I've searched the forums for "page jumps" but that didn't give any result. Thank you for letting me know...

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