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Page jumps not working

  1. whitneycrowell

    I have put a mini "table of contents" at the top of some of my site's pages to allow readers to jump to various sections of content on that page. I created anchors at each section header and created links to those anchors at the top of the page. The links work; however, when I click them, the page jump takes me one or two lines below each header so that I have to scroll up a little to see the beginning of that section. I want the link to take me directly to the section header. How do I fix this?

    Please see this page as an example:

    Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Are these instructions more helpful? Links to specific points on a page

  3. That's WP's fault: the links take you to the right point, but the right point is hidden by the grey admin bar.

  4. You could put a couple of hard line feeds in after the jump to push the text below the gray nav bar - the code below has been working for me - paste into the html header - the bad news is you have some extra blank spaces in the page for those not using your jumps.
    <br class="blank" /><br />

  5. whitneycrowell

    Thanks everyone! Glad to know it's not my fault. I will try the fix you suggested.

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