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    I used page jumps in a post because of its lengths. They were working well. Then I inserted a <!next page> for pagination and the page jumps stopped jumping from one post page to another post page. How do I make page jumps work accross <!next page>?

    I’m not refering to different posts, but within one post. I added <!–nextpage–> to a post and page jumps sttoped working. I had to delete the <!–nextpage–> to have the page jumps work. This is the post

    The blog I need help with is


    See here:

    Each page of a post split into several pages via the nextpage tag has its own URL, so jumping to one of those pages is the same as jumping to a different post. For a jump to page 2, for example, you need this:
    <a href="POST URL HERE/2/#UniqueName">LINK TEXT HERE</a>


    Excellent!!! Thank you! I’m thinking that I can get the other pages URL by inserting the pagination, previewing the post, clicking at next page and copying the URL of each page.

    Is there any other way, to know beforehand the URL that will result from inserting the pagination?


    Oh, ok!…you are already answering my questions…..Thanks!!!

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