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    I have just created a post with a number of pages linked, for a series of polls, created with the Polldaddy feature

    When someone votes on any of the polls, it automatically jumps them to the foot of the page of my site into the footer widgets, making it difficulty for people to navigate to the next poll, or quite frankly even see where they are! ( Effects multiple browsers. )

    An example page : (unfortunately you need to vote to replicate the issue.)

    Any help / suggestions to stop this from happening gratefully received,

    The blog I need help with is



    This certainly doesn’t look like democracy in action—getting sent to the bottom after voting! I’ve asked about this “bug” and we’ll see what will come of it. The theme team can work wonders!


    thanks – any news on this yet? the polls close tomorrow and i believe it is deterring people from clicking through to the next poll, which is skewing the results. An asap fix on this would be great, thank you!



    Hi Damien,

    Unfortunately, there has been no further news on this issue. It appears that it’s a problem in other themes besides Triton-lite when a poll has lots of options.

    One suggestion that comes to mind is that you add a text widget near the top of your footer with a link to tell your readers to “click here to see more polls.” As it is, when one votes it looks like one has landed on another page with no idea where to go next. Or a custom menu widget to link to your other polls.

    This is an unanticipated problem, but I know they are working on it.

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