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Page Limits?

  1. I am having some difficulty getting a pagte to actually work. All of the obvious issues I have checked well over 5 times, cleared cookies and whatnot, and still no success. Is there a limit to how many pages can be made? My common sense would tell me that there is no limit, but this issue is starting to drive me a tad nuts. Mwuahahaha.

  2. Nevermind on that request, err, question. I seriously don't know what the issue was, but after having cleared cookies atleast 3 times, it was working correctly. I hate IE to death, and sadly, don't have the authority to install Firefox or another, better browser. Please ignore this post.

  3. Can't you ask whoever the administrator of the computer is to download Firefox? :(

  4. That's strange. There are no comments on his page.

  5. Mwuahaha, it is the admin that doesn't want it. He is strangly worried about security for his computer, and wont accept that Firefox is by far more secure. Oh well, no point in arguing with him about it. Some people are just slightly stubborn.

  6. I always hear IE is the worst out there for security breaches. I had Netscape for a while and that gets good reviews.

  7. Mwuahahaha indeed obviously the administrator is unaware of the security issues relating to IE and is willing to be sucked into the huge melange of people who think IE is a superior and more secure browser when it isn't. You can lead them to water but you can't make them drink. As for me I'd rather drive a sports car than a tank, if you know what I mean and I'm sure you do. Mwuahahaha I cry with you.

  8. They may also be looking at as either "if they have to install additional software, then they have to support additional software." or "it's my IT department and I know better than my endusers"

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