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Page link on new template

  1. For my news&actuality blog I switched from Dusk to the update; Dusk to Dawn. Great blog, but the Page numbering link is posted at the top, which makes no sense. Readers won't be informed that there's a follow-up page, and a lot of them will not have noticed the message at the top.

    Under a post elsewhere in the Forum Section where a WP user has the same problem with another template type, I saw the reply that this can't be helped. I find Pages at the top unacceptable, and this means I'm obliged to switch back to the old Dusk, which also means that I have to undo a lot of corrections in the HTML because of changed lay-out items and image positions.
    So one can imagine that I'm a bit incensed.

    Due to the Mature application on my weblogs (my own choice) my nickname here in the forum is not linkable.)

  2. How to generate zero responses...

    There's a quite simple albeit not very hi-tech solution to the problem. When a post needs an extra page, I'll put a line at the bottom: To read the rest of the story return to the top and click the Page 2 link

  3. @sgreifwonder

    Sorry for the late response. It was an experiment but it caused an inconsistency between themes and it created confusion. We moved the page links at the bottom as other themes do.

  4. I looked it up, and yes. Wonderful!

    Sorry to all for ruffling my feathers. I saw 'Staff will look into the complain in due time' and I was afraid it would take months.

    The clarity of the Dusk to Dawn theme keeps amazing me. It's visually a real treat. It's almost balming. This is a great design, especially for people who do not like fields that are all-white or all-black.

  5. @sgreifwonder

    No need to apologize. You're welcome!

    It's pleasure to hear comment like that. I'm glad you like the design, thank you.

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