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Page link to an associated blog?

  1. Hello, I currently have two blogs: one for day-to-day posts and one to store recipes, which isn't used all that often. I *had* a page set up on my primary blog which contained a link in the title to my recipe blog. This no longer works.

    I have read through the forums and I have tried creating a text widget to replace my "Pages" widget. It works, but, as I cannot change my CCS styles, everything appears in uppercase. Normally, I could live with this, but I actually do require lower case (see my blog if you want to know why - the password hint needs to be in lowercase or people will type it in lowercase).

    Is there any other way I can link my "Recipes" blank page to my recipes blog without having to have a page with an actual link in between?

    Surely there must be a way that WordPress "trusts" associated blogs from the same user.

    Alternatively, if you can think of a more elegant way of me allowing visitors to view recipes, please let me know (I would like for people to be able to comment on each receipe if they want, so a single page on my primary blog isn't looking good!).

    Thanks, Wendy.

  2. I see your page and you must have that page in your Admin => Manage = > Pages. Another thing you could do is link to your recipes blog in your blogroll and or a Text Widget (as shown here).


  3. Hi Trent, thanks for the reply. Much appreciated.

    The page you see is the interim page that I would prefer to hide so that people can skip straight to the recpies blog. You are correct about its location.

    As mentioned above, using the text widget puts everything in uppercase due to the fixed CSS, so it's out (for reasons stated above!). If there's a tag I can use to reformat the text, this would be a great solution!

    I'm not that familiar with the blogroll, but I presume that the recipes blog link would be separated from the page links for my main blog(?): this is what I'm trying to get around. Also, I don't think the blogroll is all that user friendly (ie, I don't instantly know how to use it, so would my friends?).

  4. If you use the blogroll on the admin side to add the recipe blog, but do NOT tag it "blogroll" but instead "my fabulous recipe blog" or something, it should appear in a completely separate spot from the main blogroll. Try that and see if that works for you; it's what I did to make my own blogs separate from the rest on my blogroll.

  5. Thanks Raincoster. If I use the blogroll, it won't be listed with my pages, right?

    I *want* the second blog to be listed with my pages on my first blog.

    I did try to test it out, but couldn't find a blogroll widget or see it automatically displayed via the template I'm using, but if it does keep it separate from the pages, I may as well stick with the interim page I have, if there is absolutely no other workaround.

  6. I don't think there is a workaround for having a 'page' for the link to your second blog on as there is no way to get it to automatically redirect without the interim page.


  7. Thanks Trent. I find it really frustrating that this worked when I first set up the page title link, and then I discovered one day that WordPress had disabled the functionality. I tested it out especially when I created it. What a waste of time. Now I'll have to find something else less elegant and hope that WordPress don't take away that functioanilty as well. I really don't like the interim page.

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