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    Hello everyone and Happy New Year.

    I am very new to WordPress and have run into a snag. How do you add your page links BELOW the header? Presently, mine appear above the header and I can’t seem to find the area in my administration to reconfigure them.

    Thanks so much

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    Hi there!

    I think the theme you’re using requires the pagelinks above the header. Can’t be changed. Some themes allow for the pages below or as part of the header, and some put the pages in the sidebar.

    Guess you’ll have to search through the different themes in order to get what you want (or purchase the CSS upgrade and configure form there — but I don’t know squat about CSS).

    Hope this helps.


    Hi there and thank you!

    I don’t know anything about CSS either. It scares me a little bit, but, with time, I will tackle it.

    Off I go to search the other themes.

    Bye for now and thanks again

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