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Page Link/Subheads in Oulipo Left Column Disappeared

  1. imissyouwheniblink

    My "About" page used to be accessible on my Oulipo-themed blog by clicking a link in the left column, just under the main title. Any pages I created would be listed there. As of a few days ago, the "About" line disappeared and readers have no way of getting to that page anymore. I didn't make any changes to the page itself, and it does still exist; readers just can't get to it. Is this a bug? Where did it go? Any way for me to "turn it back on" so that it shows up there?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Did you create a custom menu or did you happen to change themes and then switch back to the theme you are using? If you created a custom menu, then go back to the custom menu page and in the "theme locations" module at upper left, make sure your custom menu is selected in the pulldown and click "save."

  3. It appears that your blog has a custom Primary Navigation Menu enabled, though no pages were added to the menu.

    You can add new pages to the Primary Navigation menu from your Dashboard under Appearance -> Menus.

    Here is a support page with more details:

  4. imissyouwheniblink

    Brilliant! I was just playing around with the "custom menu" thing and didn't even realized what I'd done. Deleted it and all's back to normal. Thank you very much.

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