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    Hello – I am new to wordpress and in the process of setting up my blog. I cannot get my blog page to look the same way it does on my computer on my handheld (Blackberry). I have looked at other blogs on my handheld and they look the same as on the computer so I am assuming I don’t have the settings right.

    Any help is greatly appreciated!

    The blog I need help with is


    Please stop bumping the same question. Doesn’t improve your chances of getting an answer.


    WOW!! I wasn’t trying to “bump” my question as you state. I thought maybe my 1st attempt wasn’t clear enough since I got no responses at all. For some reason, it just seems as though no one has any suggestions, which is kind of disheartnening since I’ve gone through the help videos and can’t seem to figure it out on my own…

    Once again, any suggestion would be greatly appreciated!


    Sorry but the second and third post in your previous thread were pure bumping.

    Please note that volunteers here are just fellow bloggers: we don’t know everything, or maybe someone who knows hasn’t dropped by, or maybe that’s a Blackberry instead of a problem. If you get no responses, contact Support.


    Thanks, I understand – I am completely new to blogging so I didn’t “get” that the forums are run by volunteers. All I saw was everyone getting some kind of answer except for me.

    I’m pretty sure I’ve missed some setting because when I load other wordpress blogs on my handheld they come up fine.

    Thanks again!


    It depends on the theme. Not all themes seem to work well with blackberries, and to accommodate them properly I expect would take changes to the underlying theme files as well as specific modifications to the CSS. Wide images can cause blackberries to choke in my experience. I wish RIM would makes some changes to their browser as I’ve taken to avoiding the web unless I have to with mine, and I’m actually thinking of simply going back to my old Razr and downgrading my service. If I need to do web stuff, I’ll just wait till I can get to a wi-fi hotspot and use my iPod Touch which seldom seems to choke on anything web related.

    Perhaps in the “themes blitz” wordpress.COM has promising for this year, they will come out with a theme for the non-iPhone/iPod Touch handhelds.

    If I were you, I would send in a request directly to staff so that they can log your request as we never know when, or how often they hit the forums, or if they will log a request here. Also, if you know of a wordpress theme that works with blackberries, make sure and include the name(s). Do be aware that wordpress.COM will only consider full-GPL licensed themes.



    If you click on the Topics with no replies tab, you’ll see that you’re not at all alone.

    I’ve visited your blog, and I saw nothing strange about it, so I don’t think you’ve missed something. Do the other blogs you see have a custom image header as well? And which browser are you using with the portable?


    Ah, tsp came in! You’re lucky, and I’m handing over to him!


    TSP is about ready to head to bed. He just finished a 200 mile drive through the mountains in a snowstorm and is still seeing snowflakes wherever he looks.


    Thank you for the suggestions guys, goodnight!

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