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    I’ve been having a bit problems with my blog, it loads to slow…. even in my ALEXA traffic rank it is mention, , since 2 days ago specially the page have been particular slow to load, I try Chrome, Firefox and Explorer, all of them with same results… SLOW…, my ISP speed is 10 mb and most other pages loads normally, is there’s a way to improve this? even the comments on my blog went down a lot.

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    Your front page is very long so it takes a long time to load. You can try showing fewer posts on the front page, or only showing excerpts of posts instead of their full contents.

    Go to Settings > Reading to change the number of posts shown on the front page.

    To show excerpts of your posts on the front page, you can use the “more” tag. This will split posts in the poistion you choose – everything before this position will be shown on both the front page and single post page, and everything after this positing will only be shown on the single post page. The front page will show a “Read More” link to continue reading after the splitting position.

    Read more about this here:

    See here for more options for splitting content:

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