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    I have a page on the blog “PT resources/links” that now gives a “not found” message, but on the dashboard I can pull up the view for modifying it – it is listed as published, but even if I click “preview” it still gives me the “not found” message. Any ideas?

    The blog I need help with is


    Please paste the URL of your blog when asking questions here. Or, better, make your username link to your blog (Users > Personal Settings: scroll down to Account Details, paste blog URL in the Website field, click Save Changes).



    Hi all – I discovered that I have the same problem. I clicked my missing page’s “update” button on the missing page’s edit page and my missing page showed up again ONE time and then went missing again. Here’s a short link to my blog’s missing page – My blog URL should show up here when I post a comment.
    Mary Maude
    PS Since I’m here asking about the missing page I would love to also know how to stop WordPress from sometimes adding titles to the untitled pages on my blog.



    Sorry about that – the blog is here, and the “missing” page is here – (tried to hyperlink to “here” but couldn’t get it to work, sorry).


    First go to Pages > All Pages, hover under the page title, click Quick Edit and make sure the Slug field says “pt-resources-links” (just the three words separated by hyphens, not the % character codes). If it’s not like that, correct it and click Updade.
    Next, assuming you haven’t created a custom menu, go to Appearance > Menus and make sure the blank option is selected in the Theme Locations pulldown. Or have you created a custom menu?

    Go to Pages > All Pages, hover under the page title, click Quick Edit and copy the Slug. Then go to Appearance>Widgets, open the 3rd image widget and make sure the URL you’ve used has that exact slug ( ).

    As for the page titles, you mean in the URL or on the actual page?



    Hi there Panaghiotisadam,
    I followed your instructions and the widget does not have the exact slug – I didn’t make any changes because I’m not having a problem with that widget. It’s another page that’s not showing up. The page that widget links to is currently marked private.
    For the page titles – it is the actual page that’s showing titles randomly. Thank you for helping.
    FYI: should you go to my homepage and click on the link titled, “Stuck in a Moment”, located near the bottom of the of the home page and then click “next” you will see the missing page message. Further FYI: the words “Next” and “Previous” are the titles that randomly show up on my untitled pages.

    I hope what I wrote makes sense – thank you again.


    Sorry, I checked the buttons at the bottom of your front page and got the not-found message for the 3rd one, so I thought that was the page you were referring to.

    The Next button on the page “Stuck in a Moment” won’t work because the link URL of the image is corrupt. You need to edit the page and paste the right URL again – this one:

    “Next” and “Previous” aren’t titles, they are navigation links. But I can’t say anything about them unless you link to a page with those links on it.



    Thanks panaghiotisadam. For some reason a hyphen was deleted (I never messed with it; not sure how that happened) – I fixed it and it now works.



    Yeah! I updated the image link and all is well! Thank you! Any idea how the link got corrupted?

    The words “Next” and “Previous” are two words that randomly show up in the title area of some of my untitled pages. I don’t have any pages that I’m using these as navigation links.

    I just checked my blog and I made a minor mistake – it’s not the word “Next” – it’s actually “Next Post” that randomly shows up in the title area of the page. It just happened again and I saved a screen shot – how do I send the screen shot to you?


    @both: You’re welcome.

    @MM: To show us a screenshot, you upload it via Media > Add New, copy the file URL and paste it here.
    But a screenshot isn’t enough: as I said, we need a link to the page in question.



    Right now, at this exact moment, this page is showing “Next Post” in the title area. “Next Post” may change to “Previous Post” or disappear altogether when you pull up the link. Like I said – this is random – these two phrases show up and disappear all on their own.

    I have gone to the edit page of the affected page and removed the title – but to no avail. Eventually one of the two phrases shows up again.



    I forgot to mention 2 things – first, again, thank you for helping me and second, when you cycle through the sometimes affected pages (there are 10 pages total) the “Next Post” in the title area will change to “previous Post”. Right now the “Mermaid Smiled” page is showing “Next Post”. If you care to, you can cycle through all 10 pages back to “Mermaid Smiled” (by clicking on the “next” image on each page) and watch the title on “Mermaid Smiled” change to “Previous Post”.

    I’ve alraedy cycled through on the galloping-inside-me page – the link I sent to you.


    I cycled through once and got no titles. Did the same after half an hour and got the Previous-Next titles. If I hadn’t seen this myself, and someone told me that the text of a navigation link becomes the title of a titleless page, and does so only some of the times you’ll visit the page, I would have said “no way”!

    Unfortunately I’m unable to reproduce the issue in my tests blog, so I cannot tell what’s causing this erratic behavior. My only guess is that WP has messed something up (they’ve been updating things).

    I understand you first published those pages with a regular title, to create a proper permalink, then edited them and deleted the titles, right? So, a suggestion: edit them again and paste this in the title field (minus the space between the ambersand and the rest):
    & nbsp;
    That’s the HTML for a space (I had to separate the ambersand from the rest, otherwise you’d get the result instead of the code, i.e. nothing but a blank space). Hopefully this will tell the theme that there is a title there and prevent the wrong thing from creeping in.



    Yeah! Another win for Panaghiotisadam!

    I did as you said and I’m not seeing anymore of the next and previous.

    Grazor, I don’t seem to have the ability to mark this topic as resolved – can you?

    Panaghiotisadam, just FYI – the trouble with next and previous started right after I removed the titles on these pages about 2 1/2 to 3 months ago so I can’t say if the updates had anything to do with them or it’s my blog only or WP software just simple doesn’t know what to do with untitled pages.

    What I do know is I don’t have this problem anymore! Thank you again!

    Good night all.



    I started it so I’ll go ahead and do it. Thanks again Panaghiotisadam!


    You’re welcome.

    @marymaude: Shouldn’t be “WP software just simple doesn’t know what to do with untitled pages”. We’ve seen and tried untitled pages many times: as my previous reply implies, I’ve never seen this phenomenon before. But as I said I was unable to reproduce it in my tests blog (and I mean using the same theme and using pages with a similar URL), so I’m unable to say why it happened.

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