Page "move things right/left & up down" buttons not working.

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    Hey Hon!
    Well, it’s not the answer I wanted, but at least I know it wasn’t anything I was doing wrong (a common situation!)
    The thought of starting over with another theme is not appealing, but I will continue to play with this one and see if we can get along.
    My other “problems”
    How do I get rid of the TRAVEL category? I created it, then realized I did not need it.
    Humor: it is one of the categories, but when I click on it from the drop-down menu, I get a message that there is nothing in the archive (although the articles show up in the drop-down.)
    Is there a way to collapse the posts under the categories on the menu page? I have more posts than I can easily see. It’s a long list and I’m not able to just put them under the category. I have to put them as high on the page as I can and keep dragging them up to the end of the page and repeating that.
    I’m sure these are all very easy things and I’m just not getting my head tuned to the WordPress frequency!
    (Whatever they are paying you to deal with folks like me is not enough!!)



    Hi Fran!

    I’m sorry we couldn’t do much more for your theme. If you do decide to change theme or go the Custom Design route, let me know and I’ll gladly help you along!

    Ok, let’s take your questions one at a time:

    1) getting rid of the “TRAVEL category:

    The reason you can’t delete it is that it is set as the Default Category here:

    Pick a different category as default, and then you’ll be able to delete that one. Trust me, I still remember struggling with that one way back when, so you’re not the first to face this issue! :)

    2) “Humor” category:

    If you look here:

    you can see that “Humor” has 0 articles.

    The reason that those articles appear in your menu is that you manually placed them there.

    If you look at your two articles that are in your menu, you’ll notice that they are in fact in other categories, not Humor: is in “Travel Pieces” is in “Lifestyle/Fun Stuff”.

    So if you want them to appear on the “Humor” archive page, you’ll have to change their categories.

    3) collapse posts on the menu page:

    I can see how that’s annoying, to have them that long and have to keep dragging up, but there’s no way at present to collapse the submenus on the menu edit screen. That’s a good idea, though, so I’ll see about making the suggestion!

    I hope these helped! Let me know if you come up with any more questions. :)



    Hi Hon!
    So I reset my default to “Archives” and it seems to have disappeared from the areas that “TRAVEL” was annoying me.
    And I simply added the humor category to the articles that were in that section. (Figured that one out on my own!)
    Still frustrated about the inability to collapse the categories in the edit/dashboard area. I have about another dozen articles to add and I’m not looking forward to it.
    However, I am making progress. Have figured out the “More/excerpt” option. I’m slow, but trainable.



    Glad to hear it! Let me know if I can help with anything else. :)



    Be careful what you wish for — or offer to do.
    I cannot seem to get the “more” tag to work properly. I am trying to shorten the amount of the articles on the main page. The instructions say to put the “more” while writing the post, but I am inserting the “more” into an existing post. I’m placing the cursor where I want the “more” to go, them “update” the post. But the full post is still appearing on the main page. It worked a time or two, then stopped. And I don’t believe I did anything differently. Does this have anything to do with the piece already being written?



    Hi Fran!

    Sorry it took me so long to get back to you.

    The “more” tag will only work if you have your Front Page set to show Your Latest Posts, on this page in your Dashboard:

    Basically what it does is that it shows an excerpt of your article on the front page, and people have to click through to be able to see the whole article.

    Have a look at this, and then let me know if I can explain it any differently for you:

    The More Tag



    Me again!
    I’ve switched my theme to Titan. I think it’s a lot cleaner and lays out my writing samples much more easily.
    I’m trying to add a “contact me” page. I’m not sure how to do this and haven’t anything in the help sections. I’d like a page where I can put my contact info: phone #, e-mail, & Twitter account and have some kind of a form to get their info and a message block. I’m sure you know the kind of thing I want. Can you walk me through the process? How do I set it up and how do I make the magic happens so that the information they send reaches me?
    Cheers! Fran



    Hi Fran!

    First of all, I’d like to apologize for the delay in getting back to you, as I was away. I like the choice of theme, it definitely is a cleaner layout than the other one!

    So I see that you set up a contact page here:

    To add an actual form to this page, you can have a look at our Contact Form page. There is even a video at the end of it to guide you through the steps! Let me know if you need help with it after you’ve looked at this page.

    Also, for your twitter handle, have a look at the instructions on our Twitter Follow Button page; by using the button, people can immediately follow you simply by clicking it!

    And one last note: if you put in the contact form, I’d recommend removing your email address from the page, to help cut on down on possible spam sent to your email account.

    Hope all of this helps out!



    Hi Handsome!
    Thanks for getting back to me. I’d figured out a lot of it and I’m really happy with the way to blog is starting to look.
    Of course, I have more questions:
    1) How can I make my e-mail active? It’s on several places, like my sidebar. I think prospective clients would rather click and contact than have to copy and paste.
    2) How can I import copy from another site to my blog? Specifically, I want to import recommendations from LinkedIn to my Testimonials category.
    3) If I make my “about” page my home page, does that mean I cannot do the “more” on blogs (only a couple of paragraphs show up on the page, and readers have to click to read the rest).
    4) Is there a way to remove the “comments” and “reply” at the bottom of posts?
    5) Is there a way to hide “archives” as the parent category of the blog?
    6) Can the date of blogs be hidden?
    Other than that, no questions. No great rush to answer these, except for the 1st two.
    THANK YOU for your continued patience and helpfulness!
    Whatever they are paying you, it is not enough!



    Hi Hon:
    Another question, which I think I know the answer to, but I am sooooo hoping I am wrong.
    I want to change the URL of my blog. I’m setting it up as a business blog and want to change franstravels to just fransevern. I’ve already reserved that name. I have a sinking feeling that I am going to have to set up that site separately and manually move everything from franstravels to fransevern, right? Any magic way to import/transfer it?



    1. I don’t recommend that, active email links are actually how most spam bots collect email addresses. Instead, use a contact form:

    2. We don’t have a direct way of doing this, but you might find what you’re looking for at (please note that we don’t directly support these ourselves).

    3. Even if you set a static front page, the page you set as your blog page will be fully functional, just as it was on the front page.


    5. Yes, you can fully customize your menu following this guide:

    6. Not directly, but they can be hidden via CSS if you have a Custom Design upgrade:

    7. Yes, you’ll have to register the blog under that account (visit while logged in to that account) and export/import the content from the Tools section of the blogs’ Dashboards.



    Hi Mac:
    I guess I scared off Richard, huh? Gee, and I was going to ask for an address where I could send cookies. (and considering how much grief I’ve given him, a bottle of Scotch!)

    re: making my e-mail live. Thanks for the warning, but I am willing to take the risk. Studies have shown repeatedly that people hate those contact forms. When a prospective customer wants to contact someone, they want to hit the e-mail or make a phone call, not fill out a form or cut and paste an address.

    I’ll try the URL with LinkedIn. Thanks.

    I found the tools area for customizing things.

    how do I delete the content from a blog site? My plan is to move everything to the severnwriter site, so that franstravels is not the address I am using with business clients. There is some stuff there that needs to go away, so the transfer is to an empty site. The support area says I should contact a Happiness Engineer — like you! Kindly guide me, oh Guru of Happiness.

    Also, can you check to see who has reserved I actually have that as a web address, but I thought WordPress was separate. Is the same as

    That’s enough confusion for today. Tell Richard I said HI!



    As long as you’re willing to risk it, you can create an email link following this guide:

    Are you saying that you want me to completely delete every post, page, comment, and media file from a particular blog? If so, what is the blog’s URL? is owned by whomever has that site there, but your fransevern account can register at (please note that you need to be logged in as fransevern).



    Super! Thanks.
    I’m considering deleting the data on the severnwriter site and moving franstravels to it. Severnwriter doesn’t have much of value; it was my first attempt to learn wordpress. However, I may just create the fransevern.wordpress site. I’ve found the directions on how to move everything from franstravels to fransevern. Still chewing on that.
    You are a gentleman and a scholar. Take off the rest of the day; tell the boss I said it was OK.



    You’re welcome!

    If you want to empty out just let me know.



    Thanks. I’ll chew over those options this weekend, so whatever I decide doesn’t have to be re-done later.

    And tonight’s question is:
    how can I hide a post? I am moving testimonials from LinkedIn to a Testimonials category, but I don’t want them showing up in the blog. I only want them to be visible when someone clicks and the entries drop dow.The plug ins I’ve found are old and not working, and the other instructions are all about coding. Yeah, right. It may as well be Urdu. Any suggestions?



    There is no way to hide active posts on a blog.



    Poo! I’ll have to come up with something else.
    Maybe create a separate page and put the nice things I’ve bribed people to say about me on that.



    OK, the separate Testimonial page worked! (It may seem obvious to you, Hon, but for me to figure this out is a major accomplishment!)
    Last question for the night: I want my Home page to become the About page. Don’t want the latest blog to show up; want it to be a static page with an intro to me and my business.
    1) How do I do this?
    2) I want to create a “latest articles” page(?) where the new blogs will appear. They can be cross-referenced and archived by category. How do I set that up? Right now, they are automatically published on the Home page.
    It’s probably very simple, but I am so brain-fried after working on this all day, my eyes are no longer focusing. No great rush to answer; I won’t be around tomorrow or Sunday.



    Create an About static page and put whatever you want on it and publish it, then under Settings->General (or it might be Reading) set the blog to open on that particular static page.

    As for 2) just publish regular posts and they’ll go on the Blog page and be sure and use categories. If you want to get extra fancy, read this:

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