Page Names- How to stop them from showing up on actual page & Footer Question

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    I have a simple question. I am using Fresh & Clean theme. Would like to know how to have my page names (the ones you see in the dashboard) to NOT show on the actual page itself.) For example: The title/main name of a page is Contact Us- I do not want that to show up on the front side?public view of the page. How do I remove or mask it? (I have Custom CSS- if I can do it in there or some other way)

    Second simple question: I am not sure if Fresh & Clean comes with a footer. I do not think it does. Can I make a footer in Custom CSS? If so- what it the code to do so. THANKS a million to whoever can answer this! :)

    The blog I need help with is



    a) Answered here:
    Please don’t post the same question twice.

    b) F&C doesn’t have a built-in footer widget area, but all themes have a footer (that’s where the credits show up). Please explain exactly what you’d like to add, and ask that question in the CSS forum.


    This will hide the titles and the line below on static pages.

    .page .entry-title {
    display: none;

    You can’t add a widget area to the footer (that is beyond CSS) but if there were one or two widgets you wanted down there, those could be moved down out of the sidebar with positioning in CSS.

    Are you currently using the sidebar, or do you plan on using it?


    ~~~ to Panos.


    Thank you for the fast response. I didn’t intentionally mean to post the question twice. I commented that I had the same question- but then thought it appropriate to ask my own question for my own theme in addition to some other concerns. Apparently, I asked in the wrong section of the wrong forum of the wrong world and threw off the space time continuum!! Sorry! :) @thesacredpath- I will give this code a try… and appreciate the links as well. As far as side bar- yes I am using it, but not on every page. What I meant with the footer question had less to do with adding widgets and more to do with just adding a copy-write line near the theme author credit etc. (I asked if I could create one- since I didnt want to mess with the themes original- but if I can add line next to that small footer- that would be awesome!) Thanks again for any help with that…


    Don’t worry about the space-time continuum. It will survive. :-)

    Yes, you can add to the existing footer using CSS. You can give this a try and then edit the stuff in the “content” declaration. This puts the text before the footer credits. You can also change “before” to “after” to put the text at the end and then adjust the text string.

    #site-info p:before {
    content: “Copyright © Name. All Rights Reserved. :: “;


    Rats, I forgot my code tags, copy and paste this instead.

    #site-info p:before {
    content: "Copyright © Name. All Rights Reserved. :: ";

    Got it! Thank you very much! Giving both codes a try now! (the name hider and the footer) Before I do the name one above do I need to put the page and/or title name into that code for each one I want to hide? Hope that makes sense.


    Footer worked perfectly- exactly what I was trying to do! Thank you very much! Still working on hiding the page name, having a bit more trouble with that one. It doesnt seem to be working… grrrr… haha


    If you are viewing via Preview, sometimes you have to force refresh the preview page to see the change.

    Let me know if you have the code entered and saved and I can take a look at your site for you and see what is going on.


    SacredPath- you are a sacred path! haha Thank you so much! Just back to working on things- YES you were correct- all I needed was to force refresh- that was the whole issue. Really appreciate you helping out a newbie… newbie at CSS oldie at HTML… :) Now, here’s the last question and then I will close this out as “SOLVED” On my theme Fresh & Clean, I noticed that if an image has a white border or transparent type outline- when it posts it has a small, very fine box line around it. (For example, I have some images that are like cutouts in specific border shapes- when I post them, however, they get boxed in with that very small line) Anyway to remove that outline around the images? (Again, thank you 1 million trillion times!)

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