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Page nesting problem, where are they?

  1. hansworldtravels

    Hi, I'm trying to nest pages off one of my main pages on my blog. I understand the "set as parent" thing, but I was anticipating clicking my parent page and then where all the 1st tier pages were listed, they would disappear when I opened one and all the 2md tier pages would show up in that area. But that is not the case, and I can't find my 2nd tier page anywhere, other than "manage-->pages-->view this page" (it is published already too, not just a draft save) Am I missing something, as this 2nd tier page doesn't even show with all the 1st tier or as a link under its parent page?

    i am using ocean mist theme, maybe this is a limiter?

  2. I'm currently using Contempt, and just started working with subpages yesterday. I had to put the links into the main page by hand, but the Pages widget will show the hierarchy of pages if you put it in your sidebar.

  3. hansworldtravels

    yeah, i just added "pages" widget too as I changed to a "easier" reading theme and page tabs are not supported there.


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