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    When you go onto the website it says page not found but all of the other pages work fine.
    Blog url: http://darlingtallulah.wordpress.com/

    The blog I need help with is darlingtallulah.wordpress.com.


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    You deleted the original post titled “Hello world.” So your blog does not have any posts. Without posts, there is not home/front/dynamic page to be found.

    The other items / tabs in your navigation bar are all pages:

    Her rose
    The Cows he Cried For
    Untitled I
    Untitled II
    Untitled III
    Untitled IV
    Untitled V

    A blog is essentially a series of updated posts or articles published in reverse chronological order. That means the newest most recent latest one is first, followed by earlier poems / posts /entries /articles.

    Your home page is where these will appear. Every time you add a new postit will appear on that front page.

    But if you only add pages, there is no new fresh information on the home page to show.

    Please study the very important difference between posts and pages:

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