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Page Not Found error for blog post (broken permalink)

  1. Hello,

    I have reports from SEO of a broken link back to a blog post from June 2010. The blog post appears and displays as part of list of all posts made in June. But the individual permalink to the blog post is broken.

    Here is the individual broken blog post URL

    The blog post appears displays fine as part of the three blog post listing for the month of June 2010

    When I click on the headline for the permalink it takes me to the:

    "This is embarrassing page"

    and shows up as a broken link in SEO.

    I need help understanding why this URL no longer works. And I need help to fix this broken URL without losing all the back links from other websites?

    I am not positive it is connected to the problem, but a month ago I tried to update the template theme I use and the update failed. I never tried again, but shortly after I discovered this broken link:

    The blog I need help with is

  2. This is because you might have made some changes in the title, date or somewhere else in the post after publishing it. To repair the link see the original post and check what is the difference between your post url and the url from SEO and make them same. There possibly an error of date for instance.

  3. In any case, this is a WordPress.ORG blog and you should direct your support questions to

  4. is not hosted on For help with self-hosted WordPress installs please check

    To understand the difference between and the other WordPress, you might like to read

  5. Your blog isn't a wordpress.COM blog: you're in the wrong forum.

  6. @lobsterfly
    You are in the wrong forum. There are two flavors of WordPress.
    wp.COM and wp.ORG

    You appear to have a self-hosted blog using WordPress.ORG software.

    Please understand that this forum is for advice about using the WordPress.COM platform.

    The two are very different. Please read this:

    You want this forum:

    See here in your footer:

    Proudly powered by WordPress

    that indicates you are using a self-hosted blog using wp.ORG software

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  8. @iphonist1
    We Volunteer post into threads only when we are sure we have correct answers. Please do not post speculation. Please, please only post when you know what the correct answer is so you do not create confusion.

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  14. @iphonist1 we often get questions from people whose sites are self-hosted here thanks to the confusion. Because of the differences in our software, we should always direct those self-hosted to the appropriate forum.

    @ardpete-what a lovely visual! LOL

    @tt-mouth watered!

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