"Page not found" errors?

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    There is one particular blog I follow, and I receive e-mails when they publish a new post.

    The post appears in my hotmail account, and can be read normally.

    Yet when I try to view the post in wordpress, I keep getting an error telling me that the page does not exist or has been removed. This has happened twice.

    I can visit the blog page, but can’t see any new posts by that blogger at all.

    Has anyone any ideas why this may be? Any thoughts would be appreciated.

    The blog I need help with is acetylene1234.wordpress.com.



    What is the URL starting with http:// of the blog you refer to please?



    I just went to my hotmail account to check the full URL, and clicked on it.

    The page opened as normal on the WordPress site.

    I don’t have the URL of the second lost page after having deleted the email notification. I received the notification yesterday, but the blogging site I follow shows no record of any posts for that date.

    Anyway, things seem to be working OK now.

    Thank you for replying in this thread though and sorry for wasting your time about this.



    Not to worry and best wishes.

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