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    When I visit my page – home – it reads

    404: The requested page was not found

    Oops, looks like the page you’re looking for has been moved or had its name changed. You may use the search box below to find what you’re looking for, or start over from the home page.

    ==== What I did before it went missing ====

    I used a theme Nuntio, for which I had to make a News Page in order to use sticky posts. After few days I realized that it doesn´t fit my blog so today I switched to theme Mystique. As I activated this new theme I could see only the first sticky post but not all the other posts so I deleted the News page BUT my Home page went missing too ( on my dashboard I only see About page).
    Can someone please help me to restore my home page?
    You can find my blog at:

    Thanks in advance.

    The blog I need help with is


    I managed to restore my news page from the trash but it is empty. Does anyone have idea how to restore home page?


    I managed to restore my news page from the trash but it is empty. Does anyone have idea how to restore home page?



    You deleted the placeholder Hello World post and that created the error message. When you actaully create a post not a page and publish it the error message 404 (page not found) will disappear.



    We cannot make Pages “sticky” that designation is only for posts. What it does is stick a post to the top of your front page. To remove the sticky post designation from any post see here > After you do that the blog will be restored to the convertional format.


    Thank you for your reply :) .
    When I switched from Nuntius theme I didn´t delete ANYTHING and I just had one sticky post on news page so I deleted news page which I retrived but it is empty.
    Any idea how to switch it back to normal? I tried adding all the posts to the page but it is still empty…


    Well, I also removed all sticky posts ( as mentioned above in your post) , nothing happened.



    The way our blogs are structured is the the Home Page (front page) link is the blog address link ie. it ought to be >
    You changed your front page to a static page you created titled News here > Settings > Reading
    To correct this go here > Setting > Reading
    Front page displays
    ___ Your latest posts

    Reamove the News page designation here:
    A static page (select below)

    Front page:
    Posts page:
    Click “save changes”


    I just managed that (on my own, YAY ).
    Anyway thank you for your help and time :).



    Hooray! You’re welcome. You just made my day. :)
    On the bottom of your Admin page you will find a link to the Learn blogging Tutorial prepared by Staff. The support documentation is all found at the Support link which is also on the bottom of your Admin page.
    Best wishes with your blog.



    Help – can someone help me get my Home Page back? I added a new post and lost all my news feeds, everything and can’t for the life of me figure out what happened. Is there a way to restore all to a previous date? I”m beginning to regret choosing WordPress for my news blog. I’ve used Joomla etc and never had problems like this. Is it because I chose a template? I’m completely at loss and feeling sick because I can’t solve this problem. Can anyone help?
    my blog is Until I posted a news story via add post to Open Session I had three full columns including aggregated news feeds. Now it’s all gone but the post on the Home page.


    timethief: thank you for link really help me a lot with this



    It’s good to know you are finding the tutorial to be helpful. Best wishes with your blog.

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