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    hi there wordpress peeps

    Does anyone know how to come around the problem of:

    Is there a theme I could use that either has an option to either reverse the order of my posts from oldest to newest OR have the page numbers at the bottom of every page of posts – to easily navigate through all my posts?

    it’s really my only gripe as a (not org) user

    when I have so many posts up there and you want to scroll to the start of my whole journey – you have to click ‘older posts’ so many times to get to the start

    Kind regards

    The blog I need help with is



    I have the same problem and would like to resort my posts. I would really like my older posts to show first – so people do not have to start at the bottom and scroll upwards to make sense of them. They are like a continuous story and I did not realise when I started that this is how it would look.
    Someone told me I could change the dates and resort that way – but i cannot find anywhere to do this.
    Any help would be much appreciated
    Thanks in advance



    ok – I found it!
    Funny how that happens …
    I went to my posts clicked Edit on a wrongly positioned one looked to the right and found an edit box next to the date .. changed the date and updated.
    the post moved (not to the correct place as i picked a date at random .. but it worked.
    I shall now change all dates. phew!



    WOW – that’s great but it does seem like a big workaround when I have a large amount of posts.

    Surely there is some way to add page numbers to click on or change themes that have them or just reverse order of posts?




    an update .. my lovely method is indeed tedious and not many of the posts went where i wanted them to. they just seemed to end up randomly … and then many posts all showed the same date.
    oh well.
    anyone with suggestions?

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