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  1. Fixing the page order with the editor is tedious to say the least. There is a plugin to help with this but of course we can't upload it to

    My suggestions are:
    1) include the page order widget in the standard ones for blogs. In case there is any doubt, this is it's page. I have tried this out and it seems to be a great little plug-in. This would be a great solution IMHO.


    2) include the order field (maybe as an option like author is for example) in the list of pages so at least we can see what it's set to, and make sure the pages display in the order the average template will display them in . At least it would then be easy see which numbers need changing.


    You can assign page order number of the pages when editing the page from the right hand side "Page attributes" widget, or also from the Quick Edit option on a page. After you have assigned the order, when you use the page widget in the sidebar of you blog from "appearances -> widgets" , change the "Sory By": option to "Page Order" from the drop down.

    If you do not want to click on Edit and select order manually, you can use the Quick Edit instead to make quick order changes.

  3. Yes, I do know how to use the page attributes 'Order by' field. My point was that it is tedious to have to go and edit each page individually to get the order right, and I can't add the widget I mentioned above to a blog to make it as easy as it should be - a drag and drop operation that works in exactly the same way as arranging widgets in the sidebar.

  4. Static pages are meant to be used for information that rarely, if ever, changes so I don't find this inconvenient at all. I don't have zillions of pages. And I set the Page order when I create a static page.

  5. Yes, quite true about what static pages are used for, but that doesn't mean the order they appear in is of little import.

    Forethought is a wonderful thing, but requirements and structures change, and compared to being able to use the 'my-page-order' widget direct editing of the order (even with quick edit) is tedious.

  6. But the Quick Edit will save time, than using the Edit feature.

  7. I suggest you go try the widget Amun suggested. It's far, far faster and far, far easier to use than Quick Edit. It's just like dragging and dropping widgets to the sidebar, except it's only the order that is being altered.

  8. @Amun and swoolrich
    Just to be clear about this. There is not FTP access to blogs. We cannot install individual pluguns into blogs.
    No FTP access
    No plugins

  9. I am absolutely clear and I imagine Amun is as well. That is why I am asking that WordPress include the widget in the setup. I have wordpress on my own PC as well so am able to try out widgets outside of those available to blogs.

    However I guess a lot of you don't have that facility so have no idea why I am saying that it is an ideal solution to the issue of sorting pages for those of us with blogs which either don't blog, or have quite a few static pages.

  10. As someone who sets up wordpress blogs (self-hosted) I never use that plugin. Why install another plugin, which takes up storage space and bandwidth when you might use it a couple times a year after the initial set up? With 9 wordpress blogs where I do the heavy lifting in the back room, I was literally asked 3 times in the last year to move pages around. We probably get one request per month here in the forums asking about how to reorder pages.

    [opinion] This is a solution in search of a problem. Just sayin' [/opinion]

  11. The other thing is, once wordpress gets all the themes updated to work with the custom menu feature, you will be able to build your own custom menus and then if you want to, you can arrange them by drag and drop every 15 minutes if you wish. Right now there are 11 themes here that support custom top navigation menus. And all the themes here support the custom menus in the custom menus via the custom menu widget. And again, once you set it up, you can drag and drop the pages into any order you wish.

  12. Second to the last sentence should read:

    "And all the themes here support the custom menus via the custom menu widget."

  13. OK, one last thing: The standard wordpress "page" widget is DEAD, RIP. Step up to the custom menu widget.

  14. OK, the custom menus is the answer - the one I needed originally. Thanks.

    [opinion] This is a solution in search of a problem. Just sayin' [/opinion]

    Your opinion, but the custom menus widget has been added to, and there are lots of plugins to deal with it at, so clearly not everyone's opinion.

  15. @swoolrich
    Dis you know that TSP and myself other Volunteers here at wordpress.COm are clearly aware of the differnces between wordpress.COM blogs and wordpress.ORG installs?

    This is because we have both free hosted wordpress.COM free hosted blogs and wordpress.ORG installs. We do not have FTP access to wordpress.COM blogs and cannot run plugins here.

    Also are you aware that wordpress.COM is already running wordpress version 3.0 ? Our wordpress.ORG installs are still on version 2.9.2

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