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    I have been trying to get my pages to stay in order. I have listed the number of the order I want it to be in, I have put all 0s. I also am needing some to be in a subheading but they will not stay in order.

    Please Help!

    I need About Me, Philosophy, Resume then INTASC.
    Then there should be principles 1-10 under the Parent heading of INTASC Standards. -Problem-# 10 principle keeps skipping to the top instead of staying at the bottom. I have resorted to making #10 under the parent page of #9.

    I DO NOt know what to do. Like I said, I think I have tried everything.

    The blog I need help with is



    What Theme are you using? Your blog is Private and different Themes do some things a bit differently so the Theme name will help people give you accurate help.

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