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    I can only see half of my page because text size is HUGE. This has never happened before.

    The blog I need help with is



    Are you referring to the blog linked to your username? If so I see it wearing Shaan and displaying correctly so you may have a browser issue. Please try clearing your browser cache and cookies.



    It’s also possible that you accidentally clicked the ZOOM setting on your browser. Please see this guide to fix it.


    Where do I find the zoom setting so I can fix it? This only happens on my wordpress page. It doesn’t happen on any other blog sites.


    I appreciate the time you took to address my problem. I just wish I knew how to follow through.


    @bellybuttonblues – Timethief gave you a link to something that will give you that information. In case you couldn’t see her link to it, here it is again in full:

    There are keys on your keyboard that you need to press. In Firefox, for instance, if you hold down the control key and at the same time press the zero key (top row, numerical keys, usually below the right curved bracket), it should reset the text size.
    Other browsers have other shortcuts, but they’re all similar. And you can usually find them via the ‘View’ menu in your browser window (above the window you’re looking at, right at the top, next to File, Edit, etc.


    Thanks, thanks, thanks.
    Gracias to my gracious helpers.
    I fixed it with your kind advice.


    Glad it worked. :)

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