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Page Parents and Children

  1. I have a few main page Parents, with "child pages" nested under those main pages. Is there a bit of code that will list all of the "chid pages" when a main parent page is pulled up?

    For example. If I had a page called Main... and nested under it I had Contacts and Dates. When I pull up the Main page... all i want the Main page to show are the links to the Contacts and Dates pages.

    Can I do that?

  2. drmike answered a similar if not identical question yesterday on this on the forum. It's still listed on the forum under the title "how creat post in pages" (I left the spelling error just as it was.) Today I followed drmike's instructions and they worked just fine for me.

  3. Here's the thread by the way. :)

  4. I don't get the grandchildren pages listed automatically either! And I dont want that. Even showing listing the children pages would make a complete mess of my header. What I've done is list the children and the grandchildren on the Grandparent page, in my case as a table of contents titled 'special needs list', and link them.

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