Page Password Protection has Stopped Working

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    I had one of my pages password protected and for the last few days it has been working fine. All of a sudden tonight I found that, although it still shows as a password protected page, it no longer asks for a password. At first I thought it was possibly just not asking me as I was logged in and am the administrator, so I logged off and tried to access the page and found I got straight in without the password.

    Any ideas why please?

    The blog I need help with is



    Your computer probably stored the cookie, and the computer noticed it. This is a frequent happening, so try the full Cookie dance: Log out, clear your browser cache and cookies, and fully restart the computer. See if it asks for a password then.



    Yes, this page is password protected. I can confirm that.


    Okay thanks – I’ll have to try that tomorrow as I can’t log off as I’m at work right now. I tried just clearing out the caches and closing Internet Explorer but am still having the same problem so I’ll have to hope the reboot clears it at hometime.



    It all depends on the settings on your computer.


    Knowing this place, they’ll be pretty weird! I can’t get to all of them so I’ll either try at home when I get back or I’ll just try again tomorrow.

    Thanks for checking my page is still password protected though:-)



    Hi, Can you tell me how to password protect a page? I’m finding it difficult to find the info. Much appreciated.



    Searching for “password protect post” w/o” at: yeilds this as the top result:

    The support documents are your friend, and many times quicker than waiting for the Forum.


    Now I’m at home I find my password protected page is indeed still protected (as Raincoaster said – thanks).

    mystiqki, from your dashboard first select pages (left hand side) and your created pages will show up in the middle box. Select ‘edit’ under the page you want to password-protect. In the ‘publish’ box on the right you’ll see a ‘visibility’ option. Click on the ‘edit’ button to the right of that. You should then get the option to choose the ‘password protected’ selection. It will then go into a page which will prompt you to enter a password. Then click the ‘update’ button and it is password protected…

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