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    I created a page for my top menu, for a Quote du Jour. My plan was to change it every couple of days, keeping them food-related. Today I tried to do this, and although it shows up when I go to it from my site, when I copy the URL to paste into a post on my facebook page, the original, not the new quote appears. Is this because It is a static page? And does this mean that I have to abandon the idea of having a changing quote up there? thx.

    The blog I need help with is



    Yes. Static pages are for content that rarely if ever changes. Pages can only be updated by editing them. Pages and Posts are different. Pages do not appear in the RSS Feed for posts because they aren’t posts. For more on the characteristics of Pages and Posts as well as the SEO consequences of choosing to restructure a blog so it becomes a page based website > Better Blogging at Pages and Posts



    Ok, I get it, pages are static. BUT I can choose to have a posts page, where all my posts appear. right. Now, would it be possible for me to have two posts pages and sort posts by type?


    You separate or organize posts using categories. See this post by Panos that explains things.

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