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  1. Hey, I am wondering if there is any possible way of having of having two ''post'' pages without using categories? Basically I want my 'Wrestling News'' page presented like columns on the homepage.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. As I have previously told you in other threads there's only one main page for posts in any blog and we cannot edit templat and themes to add funtions that don't exist to them. ;) When we publish the posts automatically display on Archives, Categories and Tags pages. See here for the possibilities >

  3. Do you forget ANYTHING? :P

    haha okay. I know how to do the above but it seems too long to do, don't have much time sadly.

  4. I forget lots of things lol :D

  5. newyorkent2009

    Hi Timethief,

    My blog URL is, and before my main page was one article per month and recentely, the main page is now all my articles since January 2012.
    I don't understand, I want my blog as before, as main page the last article that I wrote.

    Can you help me out please?

    Best regards

  6. @ newyorkent2009 - most likely what you're seeing is the Infinite Scroll 'feature' that recently added. See these two links:

    The only way to avoid it, if your theme has a footer, is to put a text widget there (leave the text widget empty).

    There are loads of topics in the forum about infinite scroll and infinite scrolling, just look.

  7. newyorkent2009

    Hi Timethief,
    I finally got it ! They changed everything !

    Thank you anyway !


  8. newyorkent2009

    Hi Absurdoldbird!

    Check out what I did :

    searching 2 hours ha!

    Thank you anyway for your quick advises !

    Best Regards

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