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  1. A couple of weeks after starting my blog, I installed a Page Rank widget on my sidebar. It would constantly show a 0 page rank. The reasoning for installing the widget was that "it would be nice to know when it goes up". (As you can read here

    For months my page rank staid at 0. Suddenly, over the weekend, it is now 3. Does anyone can theorize why?

    The main activities this weekend were to add a Text Widget on my sidebar with links to posts "Blogging Tips for Beginners by a Beginner"; opened a Flickr account, adding exactly two links to posts in the blog within photos descriptions; added a Flickr widget to the sidebar; adding the RSS links for youtube, twitter and flickr as allowed by the theme options. I haven't have a new post for a month now.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. it will take you forever to become on google page rank. I'm still on 0

  3. Normally a blog does not achieve a page rank until after 6 months have passed. This is referred to as being in Google's sandbox and during this timeframe you have an opportunity to build search engine trust. Why is that necessary because the majority of all blog created everyday are created by spammers and sploggers. Also note that there are so many people playing SEO game the search engines that Google has been downplaying the value of page ranking since 2009.

    There are hundreds factors that go into determining page ranking. Last year Google made over 900 algorithm changes, only 500 of which most of us are aware of These are some of the positive factors that Google’s algorithm takes into consideration:
    1. Keyword Use In Title Tag
    2. Global Link Popularity Of The Site
    3. Anchor Text Of Incoming Links
    4. Link Popularity Within The Site
    5. Age Of The Site

    These are the negative factors that Google’s algorithm takes into consideration:
    1. Server Is Often Inaccessible To Googlebot
    2. Content Which Is Very Similar Or Duplicate to Existing Content On The Web
    3. External Links To Low Quality Sites and Unrelated Sites

    Make it part of your blog strategy to focus your attention on the following:
    writing high quality unique content and publishing frequently;
    creating clean code in your posts and ensuring your site validates;
    using keywords and tagging properly so the content can be found and indexed;
    optimizing your images;
    linking to exceptional content on authoritative sites with respectable Page Rank;
    being careful not to link too link to frequently to sites with lower Page Rank and not creating a mile long blogroll of links to sites that are unranked and/or unrelated.

    The bottom line is that if you are publishing original high quality content frequently and you are backlinking to other original high quality content in your posts then I recommend not getting fixated on Page Rank.

    IMO from a beginner's POV the value of becoming familiar with the factors that Google and Bing do provide in articles and tutorials is learning what not to do. The best place to discover what they are is at Google webmaster tools help and at Bing Webmaster tools

  4. @timethief thanks for the explanation. The six months period is an aproximation of the age of my blog. It has been five month since I created the blog. I make sense why it sudenly jump to Page Rank 3. I'll be paying attention to your recomedation to keep improving. Once again thank you.

  5. @noirciplume I really loved your photographs. Excellent. I love nature photos.

  6. Thank you! :D

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