Page rank disapeared – why?

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    My blogs been scoring a PR of 4 up until a week ago and now it displays nothing.

    My Webmaster tools tell me that Google has successfully accessed my blog so I’m wondering why this might be?

    Any ideas anyone?




    Can we have a direct link to your blog, starting with http? We always, always need to see it to answer support questions.



    Thanks raincoaster. Sorry about that and about the delay in responding.

    I’ve been tied up with the Bangkok protests for the last few days and I thought my nick automatically provided a link.

    In the past I had the about me as a static page and then the pagerank dropped off and I have changed that so the latest post now appears on the front page.

    Webmaster tools says my blog is being indexed and the results included in Google results. Previously it was ranking a 4 but now it says n/a.

    I’ve already checked using other tools and the results are that it is not banned so I’m totally confused by this.

    Thanks very much for any assistance.



    Static pages kill your PR because they don’t change, unlike blog posts. And once you lose it, it doesn’t come back until Google does their ranking thing again.


    In less than a year, my page rank started at a 6. Then for unknown reasons dropped to a 4 and then to a 2. Now it’s up to a 3.

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