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Page Rank is 4. How come?

  1. shopfrontsigns

    I have a blog which is less than a year old and only get a small number of hits on it, my google page rank is 4 at the moment, why, how come it has got a page rank of 4, my main websites which get a lot more traffic only get a page rank of 2 if I am lucky. How is a page rank calculated by google?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. FWIW this is also posted in your own blog

  3. @shopfrontsigns, PR doesn't depend on traffic, it depends mainly on how many inbound links you have (although I admit, the two are correlated).

    I have a feeling that the reason your blog has a PR of 4, is because of all of the inbound links you are getting from But that's just a guess. If it makes you feel better, I would like to actually know what my pagerank is, but different systems seams to give me different pageranks.

    Anyway, I have said this before on some other blogs, PR is not the end all be all of SEO. PR is just one of the things google uses to determine how high it should place you. More importantly is having a good file that Google's spiders can read. The good news, does a good job of that.

  4. shopfrontsigns

    The wordpress site I was writing about is my other blog

    this blog has a rank of 4 at the moment.

    My other blog has no page rank.

  5. You can use your Google Webmasters account to determine exactly where your backlinks are coming form it. which posts were linked to and by which site. You can use backlink checkers also to determine the inward bound links and the outbound links. The latter blog is new and lacks unique content that cannot be found elsewhere on the net. I'm not surprised that it has no PageRank as yet and you shouldn't be either. Please read this

    Rhetorical questions:
    (1) How many of the posts in that blog are backlinked to the blog posts of the leading bloggers in your niche?
    (2) How many other bloggers in your niche have backlinked to your posts in that blog?

    So you clearly understand what the the positive factors and negative factors that Google’s algorithm takes into consideration you could read

  6. shopfrontsigns

    The wordpress site I was writing about is my other blog
    this blog has a rank of 4 at the moment.
    My other blog has no page rank.
    There must be something else going on, my shopfrontsigns blog has not been around long enough to generate that page rank.
    I was wondering if google manually Page Ranks sites as well?
    I have a site, its not a blog its which gets about 400 uniques visits a day and has over 500 inbound links, it can only manage a rank of 2.
    I do not mind a page rank of 4 but it does not make sense.

  7. Have you posted to the Google Webmasters' forum? I'm asking because the best place to get information about anything it to go to the source

  8. shopfrontsigns

    Thank you 'timethief'', no I have not,cheers.

  9. You may be interested to know that I had two near death experiences. Six years ago, previous to the current negative connotation attributed to the "handle" I use I chose "timethief" because I felt it described that fact that I had twice stolen my life back from the grim reaper.

    I find that those who go out of their way to place quotes around that handle or to allude to the negative connotation are not worthy of wasting my time on ... lol :D

  10. Sorry, I really do not know what you are on about, baffled I am, baffled. How you can read anything into " " marks I do not know, anyway, thanks for the advice earlier.

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