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    Can someone explain this: I wrote a piece, “car-jacking” in the title. It’s a new blog, only few weeks old. In the stats today it said someone read that article, surprised me, it’s a few weeks old, so I Googled it. Results: it is listed first on the page. Sheesh –it’s placed Above offical website of my local police. It’s not even about “car-jacking” –focus is on education. HOW is this possible? Why should it get this kind of return? I have another blog, far more important (disease, world -domestic politics) subjects, nearly a year old, nearly 100 posts –PR “1” –WP blog: PR “5” –Why??? Makes NO sense. How can Any blog be ranked Above a website –for a police department? (In case you’re wondering: I Googled lots of my articles: they all come up among top six results.) Why is this so? What is WP doing that makes this happen? What links? What tags? Is it temporary? It’s so new: I don’t have a SINGLE comment –on any article. How can I change the other blog to get this kind of result?

    Note: Why does my Dashboard have big blue thing across top, that blocks title of my blog? How do I get rid of it/reduce it?

    Note: If I ‘noodle’ this Posting window: I can see right side –FINALLY. Thanx.



    (1) Page rank has nothing to do with WordPress.That’s google’s bailiwick.
    (2) Always check your dasboard for admin updates –



    1. How could I explain it any better? I KNOW Google does PR; I asked: What WP does to link/notify/tag WP blogs to the world –that Caused Google to PICK IT UP.

    2. “check your dasboard” –check Where –which part? I spent time on my dashboard (clearing spam) and did not see any notice anywhere of the blue thing. But then: it flashes so much if it’s under it I wouldn’t be able to see it anyway.



    It’s not the amount of traffic you get that gets your site high page rank. It’s something about where those visits are coming from. Something like quality, not quantity of links. And WordPress has a pagerank of 7. So I guess whatever any of us do on our blogs can get a high pagerank eventually down the rode.



    drmike will probably show up soon and give you an in depth session on how page rank is determined. Sometimes graphics are helpful way to explain things too. Here is a tool drmike shared with us previously
    If you use this tool by typing in your own url you will be able to begin to fathom how page rank is determined. I use it frequently.

    On your dashboard on the left hand side the first heading you see is “Dashboard”, the next heading underneath it is “Welcome to WordPress.Com”, and the next heading underneath that is “ News”. This is what I meant by checking out your dashboard for notices.

    I’m wondering if it isn’t possible for you to eliminate your browser issues regarding visiblity by downloading a free firefox browser. I find that I can see everything on WordPress without any difficulty at all.



    To get rid of the blue bar? Log Out. Easy. It disappears. Anyone that’s not logged in will not see the blue bar.

    What theme are you using? I can’t get to your blog so can’t find out.

    What browser are you using? From your noodling comment I would guess it’s IE. Don’t forget that some themes will display differently in Firefox/Opera to IE. Blame Microsoft.



    *chuckle* As to the page ranking issue, I can show you tons of examples of site ranking higher than an offical site. When I ran my Daria fan site, I had a better listing for the offical MTV site for the show for a couple of months. :)

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