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  1. laurahudsonpainter

    I recently moved my blog to a wordpress template and hosting (using my own url) and my page ranking went down from 4 to zero. In the dashboard it shows that there are no sites linking to me - but I know that is not correct there are at least 30 blogs linking to mine. I even added a link to another site of mine on wordpress and on blogger and it does not show up it still says I have no incoming links. Can anyone help explain or sort this out thanks

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Sometimes it takes a while before the right Pagerank is shown. Google needs some time to 'read' your new site.

  3. All of the authority and links and PageRank belong to the root blog URLs. The new domain starts form the "unranked" position and if your traffic is strong and nothing else changes it will take about 6 months for the new domain to earn a PageRank. If you did purchase domain mapping then all of the root blog URLs will seamlessly transfer visitors to the new domain URLs. If you don't have domain mapping the links will be broken and become "404s" (page not found).

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