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    Is there some way that I can redirect a page to a different page when they click the page or go to the page URL? THanks.

    The blog I need help with is



    If I take what you posted literally as I can no nothing other than that when no details are provided then the answer is: No, that’s referred to as a deceptive linking practice.

    If you want a specific answer then post a descriptive and detailed explanation of exactly what you want to achieve.



    You c create a custom menu on your free hosted blog.
    You can add the custom link for your webiste or online shop to it as a custom link



    P.S. Sorry about the missing word and typo. I’m visually challenged.


    I have my photo galleries hosted with Jalbum and what I ideally want is to be able to change the current Jalbum URL to a simpler one using my domain name. Is this at all possible or have any suggestions as to what u can do. Thanks. I did not want to seem like I was deceptive linking.

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