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  1. I am just about to upgrade my blog.
    I want to do a similar layout on my blog that this blog has:

    I have been using a blogger blog and felt very proficient editing the html, but feel totally lost now that I am switching over to wordpress. I am looking at her page source. Blogger never shows the posts in the page source. I don't know what to take from her blog to get the same look and what it specifically for her blog only. (Like the posts...)

    Can someone help me?

  2. She's using the Pool theme with the CSS upgrade. The last icon in her sidebar is the place that designed the theme.

  3. A link to your own blog would be useful.

    If you are thinking of getting the CSS upgrade and you don't know CSS, my recommendation is don't get it. There is no official support for CSS and only a few people in the forum are well versed in it. (And CSS and HTML are not the same.)

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