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Page tabs are missing

  1. southernruralroute

    I have page tabs set up for About, Contact Me and History. They've been working fine. Today I noticed that they are all gone. The only tab appearing is NOT a page - Tickle Thy Funny Bone. I set up a Custom Menu and loaded it into a Sidebar Widget titled "Giggle Giggle" (it was my understanding from Support topics that I could do this). I wanted readers to have a way to get to my funny articles. The Tickle Thy Funny Bone DOES seem to be working as a page tab -- it takes you to the articles I select via Categories but I want my other tabs up there too. As usual, what have I done wrong? I get so tired of being so stoopit.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. In this custom menu article you will find troubleshooting tips.

  3. southernruralroute

    Timethief -- I read over the link you sent me and it didn't help me, exactly. It made me mentally tired trying to figure it out but I finally did today. Once I set up the Custom Menu, it became necessary for me to check/select About, Contact Me and History as other PAGES to the menu and SAVE. I did all of this inside Menu. Then they showed up. I would not have made that connection but for your link saying that a menu is a GROUP of tabs, not a single tab. Thanks again.

  4. You're welcome and best wishes with your blog.

  5. I am having the same issue regarding missing tabs and I haven't edited them in ages.

  6. Extra note to my previous post. Although several of my tabs ARE showing there are 2 that aren't (Videos and Contacts).

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