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page theme breaks on using international characters

  1. Looking at my post you discover that the page menu (when logged in) is totally broken, at least when using Konqueror.

    Looking at the page source this is because the page generator breaks on international characters when generating the meta data. I've not used the wysiwyg editor when creating my post which may rewrite German umlauts to HTML entities because Konqueror doesn't support it. Anyway, not the editor should be fixed, but the meta data generator.

  2. It's working under Firefox.

    Any chance you could post a screenshot of what the break looks like? I'm having trouble following what is the problem.

  3. If this was the international char u were referring to 'Au├čerdem' then I am able to see it absolutely fine in Firefox.
    May be it is just something to do with Konqueror.

  4. Here is a screenshot:

    The problem occurs in the description meta tag of the HTML source, which breaks in the middle of an UTF8 encoded character (remember: UTF8 is a multibyte charset) and closes the tag which is in turn "misinterpreted" by Konqueror because it does not catch the closing tag.

  5. And here is the corresponding code block - the break occurs easy visible at the red backgrounded question mark:

  6. now I see what u were refering to.
    I have a similar experience with IE7, but the root cause may or may not be the same, when I am logged in wordpress, it looks something like below

    but works fine on firefox

  7. I tried looking at ur initial post on firefox looks fine, but on IE7 beta it is broken, exactly the way u had shown in the screen shot.

    Do anyone else who use Konqueror or IE7 beta have this issues ?

  8. Best bet would be to send in a Feedback from your Dashboard with the links you have provided. This is what staff has asked for when it comes to theme issues. That way a ticket gets created and someone can take a look at the issue.

    Please be sure to include the links. Examples are a good thing around here. :)

  9. sure Mike, I am sending in a feedback with a link to screenshot(s) and to this post.

    UPDATE : I have sent the feedback . will keep posted on any updates.

  10. I've send in a feedback referencing this forum topic and included some technical info on why that happens. Thanks, Mike, for the tip.

  11. Got a reply from Podz that beta s/w is not supported . I was having this issue with IE7 Beta. Quiet Understandable.

    @Hurikhan77 - looking forward to any updates u might get from support.

  12. I got a nice reply from Podz that he will pass my request to the right person who can investigate and fix it. But I probably suppose that IE7 breakage is another one... :-/

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