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    I am looking for way to remove the duplication of page titles in the body of each page. I have purchased the custom design package and tried a few changes in CSS that I found via other searches, but nothing has worked so far. My theme is Waston.


    The blog I need help with is


    I just checked in Firefox and I could not spot the title duplication you mentioned. Here is what I see: Did you change your CSS to fix the issue? If not, could you show me a page in which this happens?


    Thank you for your reply! In your screenshot you’ll see you’ve clicked ‘portfolio’ from the nav at the top and then the word portfolio appears again in the body of the page. That is what I want to stop from happening. Does that make sense?



    That can be done without CSS editing. See here, under “Other options, special cases and tricks”:


    Thank you! Does this mean I need to change my current static pages to custom menus first?


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    No. You can put a custom menu on a static page. It will also appear on your post page, and on all of your archive pages. Please read the article carefully so your success in making a custom menu will be assured.


    Thank you, Tess. I watched the video to ensure I was creating the menu correctly and then went back and followed the instructions in step F from the link posted above and it just removes the page names all together (from the top nav AND pages). Does that make sense?

    If you look at the site now, you’ll see what I mean.



    If you follow the instructions carefully, #f in my post doesn’t remove the title from the top menu. But anyway it’s a workaround for those who don’t have the Custom Design upgrade. When you have the upgrade, there’s no reason to resort to this poor workaround. Add this in the CSS editor: {
        display: none;


    In addition to what @justpi advised, I’d also suggest that you highlight, in the menu, what page is currently being displayed. This is a good practice for making it visible to your users “where they are” in your website. You can do this with the following CSS:

    .current_page_item {
        font-weight: bold;

    In this example, I just made the item in the menu bold, but you can style it however you want. Here goes a CSS tutorial to guide you through the different ways you can style your text:


    Exactly what I was looking for. Thank you so much!

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