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    I was surprised not to be able to find anything directly related to this issue (maybe it’s out there but I couldn’t find it). What I want to do is quite simple. I have a page, say “Services”. In the menu it says Services, which is fine. But it automatically sets the page heading to the same thing. How can I change the page heading to something else, say “Online Services.” I know about custom menus but I don’t want to change the menu, I want to change the heading at the top of the page (content title). Thanks!

    The blog I need help with is



    I don’t think it’s possible, but some genius of workarounds might have found something.


    “I know about custom menus but I don’t want to change the menu, I want to change the heading at the top of the page (content title).”

    Then you don’t know enough about custom menus. You copy the URL of that page, go to Appearance>Menus, paste it in the URL field of the Custom Links module, type the alternative title in the Label field, etc.



    You clearly didn’t understand my problem. I do not want to change the text in the MENU, which is what ALL the custom menu options do. I want to change the TITLE TEXT on the PAGE. Thanks anyway.


    Sorry, the one who didn’t understand is you. When you use the standard menu of the theme, or when you use a custom menu in which you have added pages, header tabs automatically display page titles – period. If you want the title on the page to be different than the one displayed in the top menu, the only way is the way I suggested. You go to Pages in your dashboard sidebar, edit the page and title it any way you like, then you go to Appearance>Menus and create a tab for that page by creating a link to it in the Custom Links module, not by selecting the actual page in the Pages module.


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    You have a page called “Online Services.”
    You want that page to appear in your menu with the name “Services.”
    Is this correct?

    Maybe it will be easier for you to read as a list:

    Go to your “Online Services” page. Copy the url.
    Appearances —> Menus —> (name your menu if you are starting from scratch) —>
    Custom Links module —> paste the url in the box —> Label: type “Services” —>
    Add To Menu —> Save Menu —> select your new menu from Primary Navigation dropdown —> Save
    View your site and you should see “Services” in the navigation bar on top. Click and you should see that your page is still called “Online Services”


    Sorry again, Custom Menu is the only way but Custom Links isn’t the only way: you can add the page to the custom menu the normal way (Pages module), then click the arrow next to “PAGE” and write a different title for the header tab in the “Navigation Label” field.



    Ok, let me try to explain again:

    1tess- No, I want to be able to change page title from Online Services to something else, regardless of what is displayed in the menu. As it is, I can find no way by which I can independently change the page title.

    panaghiotisadam – In the context of custom menus, navigation label refers to what you see in the menu and title attribute refers to what you see when you hover over the label. That’s it. You cannot edit the page title in the content editor which is the real problem here actually. So you clearly don’t get it.

    raincoaster – I believe you’re right after all, most unfortunately.


    I might as well take a whack at this. Go to my test blog here, . Click on “online services” in the navigation. What is the page title on the page that comes up?

    Panos and Tess told you how to do this.

    1. Get the URL of your page called “services.”
    2. Go to appearance > menus
    3. In the Custom Link module, put the URL of your services page.
    4. Put the name you want to appear in the menu in the “label” field
    4. Click add to menu
    5. After it is added, click the “save menu button.
    6. Visit your main page and try it out.


    @tsp: Now turn the nav tab to “Services” and the page title to “Online Services” before he says you “clearly” don’t get it either…


    Oops, on my way.





    thesacredpath-from what I see, both the menu tab and the page title say Online Services so I’m not sure what you’re talking about. Thanks for trying guys but I think I’ll quick checking this page as there has been so solution presented.


    @gavirel, I switched to a different theme that does not support custom menus. I’m sorry you could not understand what we were trying to say. I’ve switched back to the theme you are using if you want to take a look.

    The tab in the menu says “services.”

    The page title when you click on the tab and go to that page says “online services.”



    Gentlemen (ladies?)

    Got it. Thank you. My sincere apologies.



    gavirel I’ve same problem, please explain how to did you fix it




    I followed your instructions exactly and it worked perfectly for me. You are a life saver. Thank you for making such an in depth tutorial. Also, don’t forget to change your “Primary Navigation” to the one you just created. I forgot to do that and was so confused why it wasn’t working.

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