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    When you look at my site,, the page title, for example HOME has the date, my name and the time next to it. This happens on all my pages. How can I eliminate that so it does not show up when outsiders look at my site.

    Thanks in advance for any ideas or advice.


    You would need the paid CSS upgrade and some CSS editing experience. The CSS upgrade has no official support from wordpress, and there are only a few in these forums with any experience, so for the most part, if you get the CSS upgrade, you will be on your own. There are some tutorials and good information in the sticky posts at the top of the CSS forum.

    The date in the theme you are using can be hidden by putting “display: none;” in .date. The name can be hidden by putting “display: none;” in .meta.

    Do note that all themes are different, and that the above fixes would be only for this theme. In many cases, the title, author, date, categories and tags are all controlled together in the CSS, and hiding one hides them all.


    Thank you so much thesacredpath! It worked.


    You’re very welcome.

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