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    How do I change the size of the page titles on my blog ? I want to make the font smaller. Thanks!

    The blog I need help with is


    I assume you are talking of the titles in the blue bar at the top of the page content area.

    #content .postwrapper .title h2 {font-size: 1.4em; }


    Hey thanks man! Yeah I mean the titles that say “home”, “blog” etc – I didn’t have any luck with the code you posted before =( Do you have any other ideas for that? Thanks for the help dude!


    Ah, OK you are talking about the navigation tabs, not the page titles.

    .pagetabs {font-size:100%; }

    Adjust the 100% number down as desired. 90% seems about as far as I would go since with the font being used, it starts to get difficult to read when you get much smaller.


    Actually, you can add the following to take the font back to normal from bold

    .pagetabs a {font-weight:normal; }


    My mistake for not making myself clear.

    I don’t mean the navigation tabs at the top. I mean the page names/titles in the purple/blue area. Sorry for the headache.


    That was the first code I gave you. Just add that to your CSS and adjust the em font size listed.

    With the preview function in the CSS editor, sometimes you have to force refresh the preview page.


    If you are talking about the post titles under “blog” then that is different code. Static pages and the blog titles are under different classes and IDs.


    And actually I just noticed that the blog post titles also chance with the first code I gave you. If you do not want the post titles smaller as well, let me know and I can fix ONLY the static page titles. Here is my test blog with the first code and the font size set to .9em .


    #content .postwrapper .title h2 {

    Is that correct? The code is not changing my page titles and yeah man, thanks for helping me. I’m wondering if I should switch to a different theme and if that code you gave me first works for ALL themes. Sorry, I’m new to css.


    Did you look at my test blog? The code I gave you is the code I used.

    Do you have the CSS upgrade?


    Here is what I get when I use firebug in firefox to add that code to your blog.


    Also, if you have the CSS upgrade, make sure and put that code clear down at the bottom of your CSS os that it overrides the stuff above it.


    I’m going to change my theme to the vilgance because the body is bigger. Can you tell me how to change the page titles on that? So I’ll know in advance?


    Do you have the CSS upgrade? I actually saw no evidence that you did when looking with Firebug.


    Assuming you DO have the CSS upgrade, this is the code and I again know it works since I put in on my test blog with Vigilance.

    h1.pagetitle, h2.pagetitle {
    .post-header h1, .post-header h2 {

    Ok, I’ll give it a whirl. Thanks man.


    my pages all have the blog name in one long word (crossroadsthejourney). How do I make it CrossRoads: The Journey


    In your dashboard go to settings > general and edit the title making sure to save after you do.

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