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  1. I have inserted two pages of "Table of Contents" part one and part two, I have a problem with the chapter titles, I can not control how they appear in the drop down menu. especially "Part two". Is there a way ,using the edit page, to arrange the lines of the page titles so they appear as two lines when appropriate?

    Thanks, Fred

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Not possible. If this is important to you, then instead of menu dropdowns you can use an index page with links to all the other pages, or you can use a Text widget in the sidebar. (Where is your sidebar, by the way?)

  3. I had terrible time getting rid of "Recent Posts" title in the Side Bar. I was not using any widgets and felt I didn't need a side bar so I did away with it. Also went to a sign-up page rather than the standard contact form. I am not interested in receiving comments, except from agents or publishers. I do want followers to sign-up for e-mail notification when I increase content. My intent is to show publishers the number of folks who sign-up as an indication of buyers of the finished book. I don't want the e-mail notification sent, until I turn new content from draft to publish, a whole batch at a time.
    I am not sure any of this will work. I especially wonder if any one will find my site since it is not a blog.
    I have a site, no posts, not a blog

  4. I may want to use a "subscriber widget" later to track the folks that sign-up, if any.

    Thanks for your input, Fred

  5. If you want to play a little trick, and it won't look perfect, you could add non-linking placeholders to your custom menu.

    So you would make a custom link that doesn't link and call it "Chapter Eleven." Make that a child page of "Table of Contents—Part 2."

    Also make "Chapter Eleven “Goering and Hitler” a child page of "Table of Contents—Part 2" (below the "Chapter Eleven" page. Then change its label to just “Goering and Hitler.” (Obviously this page would have the link to the page.)

    It makes your drop down list a little neater, but you'll have the extra line break between "Chapter Eleven" and “Goering and Hitler.”

  6. I think I understand your recommendations; however, I am confused about linking the second child to the first. My body is telling me to nap now and trouble shoot the web site later. So I will be down for a time.
    Tell me 1tess, do you think my plan for use of the web site to write a book makes sense?
    Thanks, for your help, Fred

  7. Re your replies to me:
    a) Your pages look wrong. If you need no sidebar, you should select a theme with no sidebar, or a theme in which the sidebar is optional, or a theme that supports the full-width template for static pages. See these posts of mine:
    b) Are you going to stick with the dropdowns or will you opt for one of the alternatives I suggested? (I'm asking because I don't know if you need help with the coding, in case you decide to use a Text widget.)

  8. Hi Fred,

    Yes, using a page based website for your book makes sense. A book by its nature is linear: chapter one, two, three…

    But writing a book? (which I have never done) It's a creative process. When I start a project, what I thought at the beginning is not the way it finishes because as I work I discover new ideas.

    My brain bubbles around and can feel disorganized. I like the extra structure which you have with categories and tags. When I write something and tag it I can go back to that tag and see what else I've written on the same topic—or I might discover that I've ignored a topic by mistake or didn't consider at the beginning. I think of tags and categories as a very flexible outline, not so linear as the outline process we learned in school.

    Of course, you need both linear thinking and bubble thoughts. Does that make sense?

    I'm working on a page-based site for my job and my thought process began with weeks of experimenting with various themes and the menu structure. It's live now and I think our Board of Directors will like it. It was a creative process and I wish now that I'd made a private blog to use for keeping track of the dozens (hundreds) of elements which went into making it. Much cleaner than the piles of post-it notes on my desk!

    So my answer about whether a page based site is better than a post based site is: both.

  9. Okay. Back to technical things.

    … I am confused about linking the second child to the first. …

    As I said, my idea looks a little "odd" because of the extra line break between "Chapter Eleven" and “Goering and Hitler.” They are only visually linked to each other (and it looks a bit clumsy). They are both equal child pages of "Table of Contents—Part 2."

    "Chapter Eleven" is there only to be seen as a sort of title above “Goering and Hitler” because you cannot force a line break where you would like in the page title on your menu.

  10. I got the following from "Writing > Write a Book"

    "A number of “blog-to-book” services like FastPencil and Blurb, let you import your WordPress blog and turn it into a printed book."

    Just above that I read that I could use all pages. If I use all pages, do I still have a blog? Can I use a "blog-to-book" service with all pages?

    I don't mean to get far afield from this thread, but how I design the page titles in the Table of Contents may have an impact if I decide to use something like "FastPencil later.

  11. bubble thoughts occur in any creative project, writing, painting, etc. Your way of thinking, linear and "bubble' just means that you are an artist in the process of creating, web site or whatever.
    My problem is that I am not experienced in web site design----mostly bubble at this stage.

  12. justpi, Thanks, I am studying the posts you sent me, I will experiment and then I will ask more questions or make a decision on how to proceed. Your posts will be helpful.

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