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    This is all new and borderline overwhelming, but really a great way to go . . . I’m using “Ocean Mist” by Ed Merritt as my theme. Before I learned about the ‘page’ widget I posted some new pages and they appeared in the graphic ( ) Now the page titles appear in the sidebar as I want, however they’re also in the header. I’d like to remove them as it spoils the picture . . . can I? How?
    Fr. Rob OIB


    You should be able to do that with CSS. Try the following:

    #pagetabs {
    display: none;



    Another ignorant question . . . where do I find my stylesheet? I found a place that said it was the CSS for Ocean Mist and I did subscribe to the changes option, but I still can’t change that particular style sheet?


    You can’t change the style sheet itself; that’s actually shared by everyone who uses the theme. The way to modify it is to go to Design > Edit CSS. Put your changes in the textbox on that page. Make sure the “Add to existing CSS” option is selected, and save it.

    The CSS you put in the textbox is loaded after the existing style sheet, so it’ll override the CSS from the style sheet.



    Thank you! Just really super and I appreciate your help.


    You’re welcome. :-)

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